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Workshop Lean Management

Project description A mid-sized provider of custom-build automation solutions aimed for the sensitising of its staff in regard to the sensible use of resources. By means of a workshop part of the staff should be introduced to Lean Management. For the realisation of the workshop an adequate industry expertise and extensive knowledge of the most important Lean Instrument was necessary. Feedback   The client praised the simple means of communication on the TCI COACH market place [...]

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Establishment of a centralized call center to enhance the service quality

Project description One of the biggest university clinics in Europe wanted to improve the accessibility by telephone for patients and registered doctors. While establishing a central service centre the selection of suitable candidates for the call centre as well as the professional telephone training for the call agents had to be coordinated. A strong expertise in project management and experience with complex company structures were necessary for the project support. Feedback   The client commends the [...]

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Sales strategy in automotive sector commercial vehicles

Project description A firm of consultants required support in the conception and development of a sales strategy for the service division of a large automobile group in the utility vehicle sector. Our consultant was part of a large on-site team of consultants. Feedback The client praised our high level of flexibility and constant availability. The consultant praised our frank and friendly communication and flexibility in the face of fluctuating framework conditions.

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